Automation of email and WhatsApp messages with face detection

1. How does Facial Recognition Technology Work?

2. Sending automation mail through the detected face.

just create smtplib object for

Pass you creadential through obj. email( )

and send the mail using sendmail( )

Now mail sends successfully.

3. Sending automation Whatsapp massages through the detected face.

WhatsApp message send successfully

4. Using AWS to save the recognized photo in EBS

So when face is detected by our created model then this automated programme instantly launch the EC2 instance and S3 bucket storage.

import subprocess as sp
instance_id = sp.getoutput("aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-0ad704c126371a549 --instance-type t2.micro --count 1 --key-name tryaws --subnet-id subnet-ba4ea5d1  --security-group-ids sg-0f02295aa9df10e89  --tag-specifications=ResourceType=instance,Tags=[{Key=Name,Value=CV_instances}]  --query Instances[*].[InstanceId] --output text")
vol_id = sp.getoutput("aws ec2 create-volume --availability-zone ap-south-1a --size 5 --tag-specifications ResourceType=volume,Tags=[{Key=Name,Value=CV_volume}] --query VolumeId --output text")
sp.getoutput("aws ec2 attach-volume --volume-id {} --instance-id {} --dev /dev/sdf".format(vol_id,instance_id))

Using sp.getoutput( ) method we sending the image data on created EC2 instance.

Thank You for reading the article !!! :)



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